The Cost of Deceit & Delay

Limerick: A Lament for the Nuclear Waste Policy Act

A Lament for the Nuclear Waste Policy Act

There's a President whose name is Barack,
He's full of himself and his talk.
His votes matter most,
Taxpayers are toast,
That boastful Obama, Barack.

His pal is a Senator named Harry,
Whose demeanor is often quite scary.
He's maneuvered the law,
With nary a flaw,
To kill Yucca Mountain with Barry.

Together we see these two strive,
To keep their political careers alive.
Taxpayers be damned,
The country is slammed,
While these two continue to thrive.

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act is completely ignored.
The waste is still being stored,
As debts skyward mount,
To them science doesn't count,
As tax and rate payers are gored.

The constitution has truly been marred.
Obama's oath forever is scarred.
He must have things his way,
But it's taxpayers who pay.
Will voters accept this disregard?

Well, I really didn't think the voters would,
And I didn't believe that they should.
But politics won the day
In spite of "The Cost of Deceit & Delay."
Now we can only hope for some greater good.

Obama has promised a lot,
With Reid, against Yucca he's fought.
Billions have been spent,
And laws have been bent,
To be used for the office he bought.

© 2013 Catherine Crosby Ferguson

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